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The village

Tak [n.Swedish]

Roof, comfort, sanctuary, home.
Tak is also a Scandinavian-inspired village located in the heart of Rosemont-Angus.

A « roof » for us all

Condos or townhouses… To choose Tak is to choose a green, peaceful and welcoming village at the bustling hub of the Rosemont buzz. It’s an accessible and unique refuge of Scandinavian inspiration that embodies human, social and environmental core values.

Tak Village will be developed in 7 phases:

Tak at a glance

Icon Family
Ideal for all kinds of families
Icon Townhouse
Condos and townhouses (from studios to 4-bedroom units)
Icon Interior
Refined Scandinavian design and large private decks
Icon Park
New 16,150 sq. ft. Linear Park and 40% of green spaces
Icon Biker
Village 100% pedestrian: bicycle access index of 93 % and walking access index of 80 %
Icon Parking
Underground parking
Icon Shared Cars
Four Communauto cars and bicycles at your disposal
Icon Olympic Stadium
Views of Mont Royal, downtown, the Olympic Stadium and Jacques-Cartier bridge
Icon Playground
Children’s playground area

Visit of the condo unit and Tak office sales

Tak, a green village Peace of Mind as You Remain Active

With 40 % of parcs and green spaces, a brand new linear park, underground parking and no automobile traffic in the village, Tak offers you natural, unparalleled city living.

Parks, sports complexes, businesses, downtown… You have easy, simple access to it all, whether it be by foot, by bicycle, by bus or even by car-sharing. A healthy life in a healthy village, that’s the Tak difference.

With Durability and Design in Mind

Everything is there to ensure optimal comfort: high-quality material, a selection of finishes created by renowned designers and care for the environment.

Common areas Tak, A Unifying Village

The hall-type wired lobby is the ideal place to communicate. The piazetta is perfect with children in it. It features a sandbox, a wading pool, a structure and games. The linear park, a 16,150 sq. ft. green area, enhances the site and allows residents to stroll peacefully.

There is a place in the 1,500 sq. ft. gym where you can greet the sun as well as another area where your little ones can remain active with you.

Live The Village

My Townhouse

at Tak Village