My Tak Townhouse


Your new home

It is possible to live in an urban setting while still having the space to raise a family. Since everything is nearby, you will have even more time to enjoy.

Village design

A great deal of care has been given to the interior layout and design, created by Provencher_Roy. The charred wood overlay creates an unparalleled warm feeling.

About Townhouses and Stacked Townhouses

  • Four (4) storey wooden structure including basement
  • Tried and tested high-end insulation and soundproofing
  • Low-e windows to optimize solar gains according to the season
  • High, 9-ft. ceilings in the main living area
  • Smart door locks at the front entrance
  • Radiant flooring, air conditioning and personal air exchange system
  • High-end interior finish


  • Large four-storey units featuring 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms including private parking in the basement
  • Two private terraces for each unit: Ground-floor terrace with planters and wooden privacy screens and third-floor terrace with planters
  • Generous window arrangement for maximum lighting
  • Charging-station-ready parking for electric cars

STARTING AT $ 750,000 taxes and garage included

Stacked Townhouses

  • Large two-storey units featuring 3 bedrooms and 1.5 bathroom (with an option for 2 bathrooms)
  • Indoor parking included
  • Private outdoor area for each unit. Terrace with planters or balcony
  • Generous window arrangement for maximum lighting
  • 50% of parking spaces are charging-station-ready for electric cars ($)

STARTING AT $565,000 taxes and garage included

A Haven in My Backyard

How would you like to enjoy green space without even having to cross the street?

16,150 sq. ft. linear park
Gym (condos)
Inner courtyard as a green lane
Fully (100%) pedestrian village
Green space and landscaped areas
Children’s playground

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