My village in Rosemont

Condo or townhouse. At Tak Village I choose my roof. Unit Types


Phase I

Condos from studios to 3 bedrooms


Phase I

Townhouses from 2 to 4 bedrooms

Stacked Townhouses

Phase I

3 bedroom Townhouses

Which roof is for me?Tak condos and townhouses


from $212,907 + tx

1 bedroom condos

from $277,739 + tx

2 bedrooms condos

from $344,860 + tx

3 bedrooms condos

from $503,564 + tx

4 bedrooms condos

from $635,060 + tx


from $585,889 + tx

Stacked Townhouses

from $639,000 taxes and garage included


from $750,000 taxes and garage included

TAK n, swedish Roof, comfort, sanctuary, home.

The sweetness of the Scandinavian soul is the inspiration for our village. A sanctuary in which to grow, be happy and create memories for life.

TAK VILLAGE - ROSEMONT-ANGUS My new “roof”, my new life

Condos and townhouses in the heart of the Rosemont-Angus neighbourhood. Tak Village is a peaceful and natural setting for families as well as singles and couples. An accessible and unique refuge of Scandinavian inspiration that embodies human, social and environmental core values.

Live The Village

My condo

at Rosemont-Angus

My Townhouse

at Rosemont-Angus

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